Thursday, 10 October 2013


Been a long time since I've made a peep here.

I've been back in the UK for months now. And, at last, the NHS and I seem to be learning to get along (knock on wood immediately). I managed to get an MRI scan recently, and last week I received the all clear. The inimitable Mme Borthwick accompanied, and we celebrated afterwards with visits to the local charity shops, followed by an appalling responsible amount of alcoholic beverages.

That's the report for now. 

Don't forget it's Canada's Brain Tumour Awareness Month right now. And for the occasion The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has compiled a list of 10 facts about brain tumours, which for the most part are interesting and informative (the facts, that is) (although I guess the tumours themselves are probably just as interesting and informative: mine tells me fascinating stories all the time). But then there's the useless, utterly obvious, and totally banal understatement called Fact no. 5: 

"Brain tumours drastically affect physical and cognitive abilities and quality of life."

Really? No shit.

Meanwhile, at their Merchandise Store
Bobblehead pen, The. 
They're made of bio-degradable corn plastic. 
I want twenty of them so I can stand them in a row and just look at them.

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