Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Brain is Made of Wires and Radioactive Blood

In other news, I am two weeks late in announcing that March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month in the UK. Now you know. Lots to catch up on. But to be more timely, I will inform you that the current week, the 14th - 20th March, is Brain Awareness Week! Did you know you had a Brain? Let thee now be aware. Let us contemplate and celebrate the existence of this strange ball of electricity by praising the cauliflower and the other members of the Brassica family, which all contribute to the maintenance and general health of brains everywhere.

My shock of the day was to discover that our brains - for those of us that have and are aware of them - contain an arachnoid membrane? We are all secret spiders, clearly. Or have been woven by them.

There is only one response to this discovery, and that is to revisit the days when crime was fought with sticky spurts.

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