Monday, 3 June 2013

Fabryka Pierogów

Emergency pop-up pierogi factory at the Kruk household. 800 pierogi in an afternoon. Dzięki dziewczyny!

Each robotnik has a specific job (that's right: division of labour. GASP.) One is on dough duty, mixing and rolling and cutting. (Potato mixes prepped ahead of time). Three are busy scooping and folding and frill-edging and dusting; one is supervising the pots of water and draining/browned-buttering them and tossing them on trays. The final robotnik in the mix shuffles the trays, runs them in and out of the kitchen to cool and arranges them in big plastic bins. And takes photos. It went on for hours. And there will be more.

This evening: tag-team baking with my mother. Well, sort of. I made two different ganaches for truffles, which was actually pretty easy. In the same amount of time it took me to melt the bloody chocolate, she baked four different bundt cakes. Hmmm. And I just kept eating bits of it all. Can I make it any clearer that there's just no way I'll be able to run very far next Sunday, cuz all I'm doing is eating?

I would like to say I'm stunned and humbled by the amount of generous donations that have poured in so quickly from friends, including many of whom I do not know but who believe in the power of pierogi in the fight against brain cancer. And the fact that my mother came up with the workplace luncheon plan in the first place, that she has rounded up her co-workers and got all of them so excited about the whole thing in what was probably only the span of a few's quite magical that all those people have jumped on board. I'll be going over to the office to extend special thanks.

As for my own lovelies here and abroad: Grandiose xoxoxo to you.

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