Friday, 15 April 2016

Burning They

Chemotherapy may leave a metallic taste in one's mouth, they say.
They also say that the sounds of THE MACHINE as it moves around you is a bit like rushing water.

The reality is that chemotherapy tastes like burnt hair.
And that THE MACHINE sounds like a bunch of mechanical parts moving mechanically - somewhat like a machine.

THE MACHINE also causes burning. Hair and skin burn. Cells burn inside, all of them. Necrosis of healthy tissue. Everything is burning and all senses comprehend only this.

In honour of machines and burning, here is one of the classics of ye olde Canadian Heritage Minutes they used to play back in the day. Remember them? I'm pretty sure this one was from sometime in the early nineties - "the burnt toast one", as it is frequently referred to by, well, most of us who had the misfortune of having to watch them between television programs. Definitely a favourite.


  1. THE MACHINE is your friend! Embrace it! Your friendly neighborhood radiation therapist!

  2. Thanks, friendly neighbourhood radiation therapist! :) It is indeed. Your sudoku dress will be up here soon, if you're still okay with that? xoxo